Taylor Perkins

Taylor earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Florida State University in May of 2023 with a secondary major in English Literature, Media & Culture and a minor in Sociology, making her the perfect fit for telling the story of OVID clients. Throughout her time in school, Taylor thought extensively about what career might be right for her. Her passion lies in service of others, and being born and raised in Florida, she has always felt a connection to the communities the state represents. Taylor’s decision to join Ovid Solutions as a Project Analyst has opened her eyes to a career in a service she hadn’t considered while in school. She hopes to continue growing as a member of Team Ovid and as an agent for opportunity in the state of Florida. Taylor continues to live in Tallahassee post-graduation. Her free time is spent coddling her cat, devouring contemporary fiction, and creating music with her younger sister.