Grant Resource Matching

OVID Solutions starts by examining the project and then researches which grants would be the best fit. We call this process “resource matching,” a project-based approach to aligning a specific project with a grant opportunity. By doing this on the front end, we can accomplish several goals:

  1. We, as grant writers, can get to know the client to tell their stories more effectively.
  2. We can find the grant that best matches the project, instead of shoehorning a project into a grant that may not be a good fit but is available.
  3. The client can develop the partnerships necessary to put together a team approach – which also increases the competitiveness of the grant.
  4. We can get the grant in front of the governing body for approval, avoiding last-minute issues with commission/council meetings schedules that don’t align with grant submission deadlines.
  5. The community can think about the match and strategically spend dollars (like American Rescue Plan Act funds) to get the extra points needed to make their application rise to the top of the stack.
  6. We can work with the client’s lobbyist to make sure they are having conversations with decision-makers at the funding agency to advocate for the project. Having served in government and managed billions in state and federal funding – we know this is a crucial step.

We can exponentially increase an application’s competitiveness by taking the steps above–which is important to us because we like to WIN!