Capacity is the number one challenge facing the rural communities and local governments in the Apalachee Region. While we do our best to provide support, we simply cannot do it alone. We consider OVID Solutions an excellent partner in our efforts to support these communities and appreciate the impact that we make together to enhance our region.

– Chris Rietow, Executive Director, Apalachee Regional Planning Council

Our leadership recognized that the most vulnerable in our community would need the most support to recover from the economic shock of the global pandemic, and we needed to prepare a plan that reflected this need. With the support of OVID Solutions, we were able to achieve this goal and beyond. Collier County was the only Florida community recognized in a recent US Treasury Guidance document for incorporating equity into our plan. Having looked at plans across the nation, I can say without a doubt that our plan is truly one of the very best.

– Kristi Sonntag, Director of Community and Human Services, Collier County

Managing federal dollars is time-consuming and often feels like a foreign language to hospital administrators. With the support of OVID Solutions, we were able to land the only direct allocation of CDBG-DR dollars for a total of $18.7 million to support the development of a new facility. This will be the largest economic development project in Calhoun County and the silver lining for our community following Hurricane Michael.

– Chris Jepsen, CEO, Calhoun-Liberty Hospital

The City of Bristol is a small community without staff to dedicate to grant writing or grant management. With the support of OVID Solutions, we have landed over $8.5 million in federal funding that will change the lives of our citizens and the face of our downtown area. We appreciate their knowledge and feel fortunate to be working with their team.

– Robin Hatcher, City Clerk, City of Bristol

OVID Solutions has increased the capacity of our organization immensely over the past two years. With their support, we were able to manage a large state grant award and have now secured over $1 million in grant dollars, which will help transform Gulf Specimen Marine Lab into the aquarium of the future. The staff at OVID is part of our team.

– Cypress Rudloe, Executive Director, Gulf Specimen Marine Lab