Strategic Project Funding Planning

OVID Solutions recognizes that creating competitive grant applications starts well before the grant cycle even opens. With many moving parts to consider throughout the application development process, staying organized is key and we can do this by collecting important information to tell your story. That’s why we collaborate closely with our clients to establish a strategic funding plan from the get-go. The plan’s focus can be any number of areas, including economic development, disaster recovery, resiliency, infrastructure investments – the list goes on. Essentially, the plan is a wish list of large-scale projects that are important and will need funding to come to life. Our expert team then distills these ideas into a streamlined plan that provides clear direction for the organization on steps to be taken to make the project more competitive. We strongly encourage our clients to embrace and endorse these plans. Doing so not only enhances the competitiveness of their applications but also demonstrates that the project is part of a broader initiative with community support.